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1) Applications for FTIR - Metrology - Sensing - LiDAR - Raman - Fluorescence - Medical - PDT - THz
2) For special customers, we can provide OEM-ODM products for domestic replacement

1) We offer FTIR optics and THz optics
2) We offer Light analysis devices
3) We offer >200 models of HeNe tubes and heads
4) We offer >6 models?stabilized HeNe lasers
5) We offer >100 models of Laser diodes and Diode lasers
6) We offer SLM lasers and UV-VIS-IR DPSS lasers
7) We offer OEM and ODM products

The Best or Nothing
Phone:(+86)571-85152711 Cell:(+86)18857115252 Email:Sales@NewOpto.com
Copyright?2011-2023 NewOpto Technology Corporation (Hangzhou) Limited
Rev in June 2022

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