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NewOpto Technology Corporation (Hangzhou) Limited
Founded in 2011, we have been working for Optics and Lasers. The key products are including FTIR-optics, THz-optics, Analyzers, HeNe-lasers, Diode-lasers, SLM-lasers, DPSS-lasers, Er-lasers, and the applications are focused on FTIR, Metrology, Sensing, LiDAR, Raman, Fluorescence, Medical, PDT, THz. We provide Standardized optics and lasers, OEM-ODM, Domestic replacement, Repair, Import & Export.

Company: NewOpto Technology Corporation (Hangzhou) Limited
Registration Number: 913301065743573406
Add: Room 828, Building 2, Xixi Century Center, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310030, China
Phone: (+86)571-85152711
Cell: (+86)18857115252
WeChat/skype: NewOpto
Email: Sales@NewOpto.com
Website: www.dogalhamilelik.com

The Best or Nothing
Phone:(+86)571-85152711 Cell:(+86)18857115252 Email:Sales@NewOpto.com
Copyright?2011-2023 NewOpto Technology Corporation (Hangzhou) Limited
Rev in June 2022

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